PLZR+ naturally improves your physical abilities

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Answers to questions you may have about PLZR+

What is PLZR+ and in which cases should it be taken?

PLZR+ is a dietary supplement containing natural active plant extracts, vitamins and an amino acid.
The list of ingredients can be consulted on our Ingredients page.

We recommend the use of PLZR+ to men who are worried about their physical performance in their love life. To learn more about PLZR+ and see if it could be your solution, please click here.

Do I need a prescription in order to buy PLZR+?

No, PLZR+ is a dietary supplement and not a medicinal drug. It is not designed to treat or cure any illness. If you believe you have any health problems, it is important that you speak to your doctor.

Taking a dietary supplement is not a substitute for a well balanced, varied diet.

Good to know:
- PLZR+'s ingredients are suited to sports lovers as they do not contain any dopant compounds.
- the capsule coating is pork-free.

I suffer from erectile dysfunction, can PLZR+ help with this?

Yes, as you'll see on this page, PLZR+ can help you with erectile problems.
When life is stressful, if you are tired, if your libido is low and you want to get out of this vicious circle, PLZR+ will help you feel more relaxed and increase sexual performance. You will have better and longer lasting erections.

I don't have any particular problem but would still like to boost my erections,
is PLZR+ suitable?

Yes, as you'll see on this page, PLZR+ will greatly boost your erections.
Do you want to spice up your love life or simply impress your partner? Well, it's definitely possible. Taking PLZR+ from time to time will greatly improve your erectile force and will help you keep going for hours.
By taking PLZR+ on a regular basis, you'll feel the long term benefits - and you'll certainly make an impression!

Are there any side effects?

No, taking PLZR+ does not produce any side effects, as it only contains natural ingredients.
At the same time, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction that is linked to a health problem, we would strongly advise you to speak to your doctor. Likewise, if you are on a special diet relating to a health issue (for example a low salt diet). This is because the vitamin content of PLZR+ may be not be suitable if you are taking certain medicines.

When should I take PLZR+ and for how long?

We recommend taking 2 PLZR+ capsules in the morning with a large glass of water. PLZR+ can be taken over long periods of time.

The recommended dose is designed to improve your performance, thanks to its vitamin rich composition!
Its slow release formula will allow your body to gradually absorb its ingredients, meaning that PLZR+ will have effective, long term benefits. As everyone reacts differently, we cannot tell you for how long you'll need to take the capsules - that's something you can decide for yourself. Your diet and lifestyle will also play a role.

That said, after having examined the results of our tests and received replies from consumers, we can confirm that 100% of our clients who took capsules, found a minimum period of 3 months was sufficient for them to recover their prowess. These same respondents also said that taking PLZR+ on a longer term basis proved to be extremely effective.

In the same way that a good dose of Vitamin C keeps you zesty during winter, you'll find that PLZR+ will do the same for your love life!.