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Your No 1 goal: to have long lasting, intense desire

Men are defined by their virility; its part of their daily life and makes men what they are. Subconsciously, your physical performance has an effect on your mood and self-esteem.

However you landed on this page, the most important thing is that there's nothing to be ashamed of. To speak openly about sexuality is important; no one should suffer and reading this page is a great, first step that you've taken: well done!!

As for the question is PLZR+ for me?, see if the following 3 questions apply to you:

Do you have an erectile dysfunction problem that you want to resolve?

Erection problems are far more common than you think and, for men under 50, often stem from factors including stress, anxiety, nicotine addiction or relationship issues...What's more, 50% of men aged between 50 and 70 suffer from such complications. Involuntary erections are less frequent, erections may be slow to arrive and the penis lacks rigidity. But this should not be seen as a difficult problem to solve It's very common but can create a 'vicious circle' that leads to a loss of self-confidence.

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Do you want to increase your desire and make it last longer?

To perform better, please your partner and keep going...don't think that age is a stumbling block! To want to improve your sex life is perfectly normal and healthy. Do you want to tackle the problem of premature ejaculation or simply increase and sustain pleasure? Bear in mind that 100% of men will, at some point in their lives, ejaculate prematurely - you're not alone! Wanting to overcome such a problem is normal and good on you for wishing to do so! The WHO (World Health Organisation) defines sexuality as being integral to our health, meaning that a great sex life makes us feel fulfilled and good about ourselves.

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Are you having problems performing following a medical issue?

For example if you have had erection problems after illnesses such as neurological issues, kidney failure or high blood pressure and so forth... If so, then it's important that you talk to your doctor first. Even though our capsules only contain plant extracts and vitamins, PLZR+ could prove to be inefficient or ill suited to your needs. In any case don't feel at all embarrassed by seeking medical advice.

PLZR+ may not be suitable
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A natural product
without side effects!

Often overlooked and replaced by chemically based products with undesirable side effects, plants can often give us the solution we need. Bear in mind that they were already being used to heal people before the 19th Century, aspirin having been discovered in 1853.

The ingredients in PLZR+ are, therefore, traditional : bark and plant extracts, amino acids (arginine) as well as natural vitamins form the base of this dietary supplement. In other words, we have blended and boosted the best natural aphrodisiacs you can find!

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Created and made
in France

This dietary supplement was developed in France and is manufactured in a certified, French laboratory ISO 22000. This recognised, international norm means that our customers are guaranteed a product that meets legal and regulatory industry standards, known as the European 'Hygiene Package'. It also ensures that the personnel involved in the production of PLZR+ are fully competent.

Our customer service centre is, likewise, based in France. Whether you wish to contact us by email or by phone, our qualified and discreet customer service agents will be on hand to answer any questions and give you any advice that you may need. We speak English, Spanish and French.

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The perfect helping hand
to get you back on form

Yes, PLZR + is the food supplement that will help you in achieving your goal. Yes, the energy that it will bring you will be very useful to boost your physical performances and reach levels of manhood that you thought to belong to the past or impossible to reach. Taking PLZR + is probably the best gift you can get.

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PLZR+ is there to help you on a daily basis. You'll also be able to access useful advice that will help you physically reach tip top condition and perform better than ever. All of our clients can benefit from the tips and tricks we offer. Now you've read this page and know you'll be supported by our free advice

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